Meet Jessicka Addams “Little Grey Secrets”

Little Grey Secrets
Jessicka Addams (born on October 23, 1976) is an American singer and artist.As a child, Jessicka was obsessed with masks because they represented a place to hide and an opportunity for those who gazed upon them to seek out what lied beneath. As an adult, she uses masks as a symbol to show the myriad of ways we hide behind our own faces in order to protect our true selves daily. Jessicka has collaborated with one of my favorit artist Mark Ryden here and with more others..
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I Just Need A Hug

I Have Knives In My Brain (And In My Back)
I Don't Eat
I Bleed Rainbows
"Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret." – Ralph Waldo Emerson