Anna & Michael Ancher’s house

Anna & Michael Ancher

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Danish painter Michael Peter Ancher (1849 - 1927) He joined the growing society of artists in Skagen in 1874, known as "The Skagen Painters" Anchers paintings are classics and he is one of Denmark's most popular artists. The paintings are often concerned with the heroics of the fishermen and lifeboats crews. more info here
Michael Ancher came from a classic training at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and he found it difficult to adjust to Scandinavian painting's modern breakthrough, the "Skagen school". His marriage to Anna Ancher did, however, introduce him to the naturalistic concept of undecorated reproduction of reality and its colours. 
Raised-panel doors painted with bird portraits in the early 20th century by  Michael Ancher. Photo by Andreas von Einsiedel for "The World of Interiors".